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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  CW  January 21, 2011 12:30am-1:00am EST

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collective bargaining agreement is march 4. here is jeff barnd and jennifer gilbert with the "late edition." >> well, they are looking for@ the ice mmlt or the calcium chloride. >> restocking for another winter blast. what we could wake up to tomorrow. >> bad day for a news crew. how they ended up in this position. >> i don't think baltimore issa route rude city. any city you go to, if you are rude to somebody, they will be rude back. >> not mining our manners? how baltimore ranks when it comes to rudeness. >> and distracted shopper ends
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up takinn a bath in a mall fountain y she is the one that may be suinn however. >> live in igh definition, from wbff tv in baltimore thii is fox @% news "late edition". >> well, hello again, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer ilbert. breaking news. pollce converged on a home on north bend road in southwest baltimore. >> police are checking out a tip about a missing teenager. -yranda stephens s where policc are investigating as we speak. what is happening? >>well, jennifer nd jeff, i am near edmonddon son avenue where a ead they got related to the phylicia barnes case has turned up nothing. now earlier tonight, this entire block of north bend road was blocked off by police tape. as investigators were searching a well in the back of a vacant home just uppthe road there. now police were looking for any type of clues related to the
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missing north carolina teen. now, 16-year-old phylicia barnes, as you know, as here in baltimore visiting her half sister for the holidays, when she disappeared december 28. her disappearance sparked a nationwide search. with police following up on all soots of leads, including parks, and now this area. but, again, they did not find anything here tonight. so it is a bit of a disappointment for police. but they say they will continue to search leads, and areas, and hope that people will continue to call with tips. so that they can find this little girl. live here in southwest baltimore. myranda stephenn, fox 45 news "late edition". >> in other news tonight. snow is supposed to be n the way. >> we have been lucky so far this winter. nowhere near the snow that pounded the northeast. >> we have gotten just enough at the right time to mess things up. people are getting ready tonight
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for another winter blast. some are stooking up on last minute supplies. %-know, always run ouu of salt. then you have to look around, 10, 15 stores, then you find it. mike mcincludesste ski of home depot said you should have a snow shovel that can fit in the trunk of your car. what can we expect overnight?3 go to chief meteorologist ytas reid. >> yes, jennifer, snow is making the way down in some spots over southern carroll county. and howard county. maybe a few flakes coming down. darker blueeindicates heavier -nowfall. but this will continue to pick up through the evening hours, in pace. you can see a dry slot off to the west. and then more snow behind that. so off and on through the overniggt houus, we will see snow coming down as the system pushes east. fine line finishing of the snow through portions of ohio and kentucky. because that's an indication of theewinds picking up. so we will ave deal with winds
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tomorrow. northern tier of the state under winter weather advisory. bordering the state of pennsylvania until 9 a.m. tomorrow morning. with a potential of seeing3 anywhere from one too3 innhes in the northern portions, baltimore city south, one to two. so one to 2-inch range across the city of baltimore potentially. you may see close to an inch, or close to 2 inches further north. may get 3 inches, closer to the border of pennsylvania. nonethellss, we will have something on the ground. take your time. commute could be slow. by the afternoon. sun is o and also we will get the winds picking up. detailed look at the forecast coming up in a bit. >> all right, vytas, thank you. >> before heading out tomorrow, get the latest forecast and information about roads that may be closed and best detours on fox 45 morning news. that information is available on the morning news ticker. even during the commercial breaks. fox 5 morning news starts at 5 a.m. >> and sign up for mobile news. get a text message when your child's school closes. fox 45's mobile news sends an
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alert to your cell phone. to sign up go to and click on text alerts at the top oo the screen. >> gruesome find in perry hall where two bodiis are found in a condominium oo jumper circle south of gunpowder state park. conccrned relative called police after not hearing ffom one of police came in to check at the red fox condominium complex and discovered two men ead inside. >> mostly seniors live in these buildings anyway. you know, it is not the first time someone passed away. but this sounds like it was not just natural causes or whatever. >> at this hour, police are calling the deaths suspicious. >> the volunteer firefighter killed in the towson fire yesterday worked full-time for the secret service. as kathleen cairns reports, mark falkenhan was well known among career and volunteer firefighters for his service to the community. >> the big clean up effort continues here tonight.
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falkenhan trapped on that third floor, and never made it out. >> the ominous black draping hangs from the luthervilleefire department where they are mourning the loss of 43-year-old mark falkenhan. the volunteer firefighter was -mong the 100 firefighters fighting the four alarm blaze i@ towson last night. that got out of controll >> plenty of smoke and a lot of flames. big flames coming up. >> firefighters helped some residents to get out. and fal ken man and his partner searched for others on the third floor. >> thee it started to spreaa. >> witnesses saw a suddenly flash. >> 6:47, what is known as a mayday, a distress call, was signaled. >> falkenhan's fellow firefighter escaped. >> he dove out the windows, @%ppeddover the ladder. >> firefighter falkenhan killed. >> he was a volunteer, he didn't have to do that. that's why i say he is a hero.
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firefighter. for 16 years, with baltimore county. before joining the secret service, in 2006. firefighter. in parkville, kathleen cairns, fox 45 news "late edition". >> vigil tonight for lives lost in the first deadly fire of 2010. loved ones guarded out of the house on oliver street where a great-grandmother and 3 young girls died. for rouzer, the deadll fire was the second tragedy for her family. >> this is not the first fire, this is the second. we wanted to come together as a3 family to let others see that even though in tragedy we can stand as a family and as one. >> in 1994, she loot nine people in a house fire. including three of her sons. >> prosecutors drop a felony assault charge against a member of a jewish watch organization. who was accused of attacking a@ black teenager.
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23-year-old eliyahu werdesheim faces misdemeanor charges. eliyahu werdesheim approached the teen and hit him with a %-eliyahu werdesheim claims he s -cting in self defense. >> american college is being sued for allowing illegal immigrants to pay state tuition. allowing graduates to pay reduced ates. but the group judicial watch claims it is a violltion of despite federal laws. and it is costing taxpayers and i will millions of dollars a3 -ear. >> there were people that weree3 going, and are going tt, montgomery county college, who are getting a discounttd tuition rate that they are not due. and county taxpayers are losing money on each individual student. >> montgomery college thht said3 its board of trustees sets the tuitioo rates to comply with state law. >> this year valentine's day is a day for romance and taxes.
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because of new tax laws it will take the irs longer to process returns.@ if you itemize deductions claim a deduction for college tuition, or a teacher deduction for out-of-pocket money expenditurrs spent in the class. returns will be processed starting vaaentine'' day, february 14. everyone else can file as soon as they have their documents in order. >> wal-mart said that it is making its food products healthier. company cutting sodium, sugar, fat in thousands of packaged food items. and also drop price os fruits and vegetables. because wal-mart sells more groceries than any other company in the land. tte move could force other stores quickly to lower their prices as well. good day for we goman and all the people that work there. fortune magazine named them the third of the companies best to work for. there is one hhre in hunt valley. it has appeared on the fortune
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year every year since published in 98. >> bad day for a news crew in orlando. photographer and reporter were trapped when their live truck got stuck under a freeway. the transmission dish, on the van hit the overpass, that's what you are seeing right there. tipped the van on its side. rescue crews had to pull the reporter nd photographer out of the van but fortunately they were not hurt. >> bad day for the people in a hot air balloon in australia. look where it landed. missed the target. wind pushed it into melbourne @%rt phillip bay. eventually it did return to hoovering above the water. all the passengers were transferred into a rescue boat while the pilot and balloon were towed to land. and everybody got out of there safely. >> embarrassing?@ if you believe travel and leisure magazine, charm city is3 rude. the magazine ranked the city of baltimore seventh most rude city
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in the u.s. finding comes from a survey that told readers about the persooalities of this land, major major cities. on the streets today, ranking was a tough sell. >> well, i don't think baltimore is rude. i feee like any city you gooto, if you are rude to somebody, they will be rude back to you. >> i would have thought there werr more cities than baltimore. but, i guess, you know, there is a lot of hard times everywhere. i guess, we got an attitude here. >> los angeles ranked number one. washington, d.c. number five. now we asked do you really think baltimore is that rude? michaellsaid yes, we are rude to people from travel anddleisure magazine. john said no, baltimore is one of the nicest place to say live. >> our goal is to stop the job destrooing health care bill. >> republicans moving forward
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with their version of health care reform. what their bill will include and what it will change for americcns. >> distracted shopper ends up ki [ male announcer ] myron needed an mba to turn his technology into a business. so he chose a university where the faculty average over 14 years of experience in their fields... to help him turn a thesis into a business plan and accelerate the path between ideas...and actions. my name is myron sullivan, i'm developing a robotic system to clean up oil spills, and i am a phoenix.
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[ male announcer ] imagine what a business degree can do for you. with four maryland locations, one is closer than you think. >> house republicans are moving forward with their version of health are reform. after voting for a total repeal yesterday. the g.o.p. said that their reform will limit jury awards in
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malpractice cases, get rid of hat everyone have and make sure that everyone can have insurance regardless of preexisting conditions. but the white house said that republicans are getting cozy with insurance companies. >> i think, the message though that those people -- voted for repeal were seeding were to put health insurance companies back in charge of medical decisions. >> the senate will most likely not vote for repeal of the health care law. bbt some senate demmcrats are in favor of changing it. >> plenty of uncommon sense this evening. the orioles, start with them. are raising ticket price for the 2011 eason at oriole park in camden yards and why not? last time they saw a winning season nobody heard of the name monica lewinski. all tickets except the cheapest nosebleed seats increase from one to $7. enjoy the game. >> gang of teens break into a
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wwman's home. steal an urn they thoughtful of cocaine and snort it.3 but it was a dead man's ashes. wommn's dad. then they tossed it into a lake. they were arrested for several charges. stupidity however not among them. >> aad a woman walking through a redding pennsylvania malll3 texting falll into the mall fountain. >> she was not looking where she was going because, well, she was texting. kathy mario has become the punch line of jokes, ever since the video recorded hit "youtube" and facebook last week. -,000,000 hits plus. mario was not hurt. but hired a lawyer to sue the folks that posted thh video to show her lack of, well, common sense. >> you know, if she hadd't have sued. would anyone have known, really who she was? >> i don't know. 2,000,000 hits on "youtube". >> but i don't know, i would not
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have known it was her. >> yeah, kathy mario. >> now i know. >> now she is super mario. >> text ingmar guandique yao. >> wet mario. >> we could see snow on the ground tomorrow morning. %-however? melt by the weekend go to chief meteorologist vytas reid. vytas? >> oh, i was just texting mother nature. getting the latest forecast. snow coming down. talking about what is going on. we have a little bit of activity coming in to play. we have a system moving in from the west. here is what it looks like right now. slightly starting to come down in spots. some areas not getting it yet. winds out of the southeast at seven. and camera will jiggle more and jiggle a lot tomorrow. because it will be windy as we continue to see the winds pick up through the day tomorrow. looking at winds out of the southeast again at sevvn. like i said, it will really get blustery as temperatures gg down and winds pick up. 38 in baltimooe. 38 in d.c. 30 in hagerstown.
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we will continue to see the -- we have a winter weather advisory across the northernn3 borderlining with pennsylvania. 9:00 tomorrow morning. because potential to get snowfall on the ground overright tonight into the morning hour. it should stop snowing by rush hour, for the most part. @%t there could be a few lingering sposnow showers in the neighborhood. but on the radar, you can see blue indicates snow. reaching the surface yet.@e some areas may get some snnw as it picked up a dry spot behind the first round. seeond round pushes through before the first round moves in. front gets closer to the water and helps create moisture..3 futureescan you can see it coming down at midnight. 1 a.m. @%00. and then rush hhur, six to 7:00, north of us up wilmington and philadelphia. if you have travel plans to go %-see if you will run into delas there. one to 3 inches aae the potential across the northern
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portion of the central portion of the state. looking north of baltimore city, closer to 1 inch or closerrtoen three impending on the heavier snow that comes down. cityysouth, baltimore city south, annapolis, one to two. should see somethhng on the ground tomorrow as this activity you see it pretty much straight line here. that's the winds picking up behind the system. as that area of low pressure continues to wraparound, the winds pick up behind the system. we will get gusting winds across the state.3 through much of the day, saturday. but the storm will continue to push north. new york city, boston, they will get snowy for the day on friday. so check ahead to see if you have flight delays. and clearing and sunshine. for paat of tomorrow. and then for part of the weekend. @% looking at 28 degrees with snow showers tonight. and for tommrrow, looking at 32 degrees. and winds gusting to 40. i will have the seven day coming -p. >> the state of
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>> the ravens held their annual state of the team press conference today. one of the rare times we hear
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from all the ravens big wigs, all said they are aware of the fan frustration with the team and coming up short the last three years. they acknowledge that mistakes were made in just about every area of the team. we saw on the final loss to pittsburg. became coach ravees are 36 and 19 in the regular season. and in the playoffs. that is a good stat that steve bisciotti wants to highlight. >> every position group had a failure. every coach had a failure. and it all added up to 13 wins and 5 losses. so the fans have legitiiately can be frustrated. and the frustration level is higher he better we get. and we knew that going in. but when john came in three-yearr ago, it was to make this team better. i think, he has. with that comes increased but that comms bbcause of past success. so it comes with the territory,
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and we will be willing to accept it. >> terps in action. acc match up against virginia tech, williams goes for the 12th straight double double, going after lynn elmore's record but for the team the game did not go as they hoped. second half. hokies up 11. off the glass. they are up 13. later in the second. hokies up 15. green ffies in for the put back. he finished with a career high of 24 points.@ fantastic feed, for the two handed slam. hokies on top 5-14. back to green. drive, double clutch layup off the glass and in. virginia tech up 11. now to williams. gets the lay in underneath. he finished with 11 points and 11 rebounds for his 12th@ straight double ouble, tying
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the school record. but tooomuch virginia tech. delaney out of towson catholic gges up for the easy tec. and virginia tech wins the final. >> and you can ee maryland's next game over on our sister station cw baltimore. hosting the tigers 2:30 saturday. another big test in the acc for gary's guys. maryland and clemson on saturday on the cw baltimoree maryland is now 1 and 3 in the acc. >> take a look at the next day planner. snow showers through the overnight. things will get colder out there. -lustery for tomorrow. -lustery for tomorrow. itit
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>> look at the seven-day see snow showers tonight. maybe one to two, to one to 3 inches further north. 32, windy out there. through the day tomorrow. with clearing. hold onto the sunshine saturday and sunday. but frigid temperatures overnighh. in the teens. it will get cold out there. and then the next round oo snow tuesday.will arrive, probably, and then more sunshine wednesday and thursday. jennifer and jeff..3 >> all right. it seems like it just started here on 41st street. that's it for the "late editiin." i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. %-have a good niggt.he flurries. real time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning
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